Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sending HL7 messages using Hapi Test Panel

The purpose of this blog post is to describe how to install the Hapi Test Panel in an ubuntu environment and send HL7 messages using that.

What is Hapi Test Panel ?

The HAPI Test Panel is a tool that can be used to send, receive and edit HL7 messages.

How to install in Ubuntu ?

There are multiple ways to install Hapi Test panel and you can find more information here. The approach that I followed was
   1.  Download hapi-testpanel-2.0.1-linux.tar.bz2 from download page
   2.  Extract the download to your preferred location
   3.  Run the file which is at the Home of the Hapi Test Panel extraction

How to send HL7 messages using Test Panel ?

   1.  Click on Test Menu and then select Populate Test Panel with Sample Message and Connections
   2.  You can send the created new message by clicking Send button which is in the top of the middle panel

If you need any specific version or type of message, you can click on File Menu and then select New Message. You can choose your preferred message version and type from the pop up window.

Enjoy sending HL7 messages with Hapi Test Panel !!!

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